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I know you’re here to see my work and what I can do for you, lets start by breaking the ice a bit.

I am a Colorado native loving life in the small town of Berthoud with my lovely wife Amanda. A dedicated leader with a proven track record managing multiple teams, I have always been the go-to-guy to get any task completed. With my diverse work experience installing wood floors, being a handyman, a woodworker, then off to school for network tech, web design & server management. When I am not at my computer you can find me in my wood shop building nick-knacks, furniture, hiking, camping on a mountain or helping others in my local community.

All of my experiences taught me to be organized and continue learning. I use the latest design & network standards (what you see is as equality important as what you don’t see). I understand how to keep code tight and design trends with the latest responsive requirements, following Google standards. I vow to never under-deliver, this is why my business is 95% referral.

I will take payment along with a pint of Guinness® :)

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